Lodging Policy


Check in time is 3:00 pm. If you are going to arrive late, the remaining balance must be paid in full via credit card the day of arrival. Late arrivals must check in the following morning before 11 AM in order to take care of signing the all paperwork. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 additional charge.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to move Guests to an equal or higher priced accommodation at no extra charge to the Guest. In that event, the Guest has the right to cancel the reservation at no charge.

The maximum occupancy for each unit is highly monitored. LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS has the right to inspect the number of people in your party. Any party exceeding the maximum occupancy is reason for eviction without reimbursement of rents and deposits.


Check out time is 11:00 am. We will charge your credit card $50.00 beginning at 11:30am and for every hour you stay up until 2:00pm. Anything past 2:00 pm, you will be charged a full one-night rate of the unit in which you are staying. Remember, we have guests checking in after you.


Guest authorizes LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS to withdraw a deposit in the amount of the first night stay from their credit card. A $50.00 cancellation/administrative fee will be charged for any reservation that is cancelled anytime after booking with LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS. In addition, in order to avoid being charged one rental night plus applicable taxes, all cancellations must be received by midnight 7 days prior to arrival date. Cancellation within 7 days will result in Full Charges for 1 night of booked stay. All cancellations are recorded in a logbook as to date and time of cancellation. There are no cancellation refunds under any circumstance if cancellation guidelines are not met by Guest. Reservations are not contingent upon the availability or conditions of the water recreational facilities including but not limited to Lake Amistad. There will be NO REFUNDS for shortened stays; you must pay for what you book.


Our units are NON-SMOKING units. Any evidence of smoking (smell, ashes, etc.) in the property will result in a $500.00 fee. This fee will be immediately assessed to guest credit card. Smoking is permitted outside; please dispose of all smoking debris properly outside. Please be considerate of all of our guests and step out on the patio to smoke.


No Pets Allowed. All units are currently NO PET units. If they are discovered, then a $300.00 charge will automatically be charged to the Guest(s) credit card and there is no refund. It is strictly prohibited to bring a pet to a NO PET unit. This does not include service dogs, guidance dogs and/or assistance/signal dogs. All service dogs must be identifiable.  They must be leashed and remember to please pick up after them.


RV site tenants and/or over-night rv stays that bring their own trailers for camping area allowed to bring pets. All pets shall remain leashed at all times while a guest at the park.  Please do not allow them to run loose around the park and disrupt other campers.  Also a reminder to please pick up after your pet.


A full inventory check has been taken of all rentals and LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS will conduct an inspection upon your departure. There is a inventory price list in your unit and if any of these items are missing or broken we reserve the right to charge you for these items. 


LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS inspects each rented unit upon departure. Please take all trash to dumpsters and/or outside trash containers. Although we do not expect damages or theft, it sometimes occurs. If damages (other than “ordinary wear and tear”) are found – or towels, pillows, and/or property are missing, in addition, any cleaning and/or trash removal deemed excessive by the property owner, or the cleaning service, a retail damage price is assessed and charged to the Guest’s credit card on file.

Changes are taking place constantly in these homes, including price changes. The owners will often change the bed sizes or get different ones. Be sure to ask for any special needs and be sure the changes have been made for the property you have chosen.


LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS does not refund money for early departures for any reason. Rain checks will only be issued in an emergency evacuation. LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS is an Agent for its homeowners and does not have the authority to refund money to renters for any reason.


Please close all windows and doors and make sure they are locked when leaving unit for safety reasons.


LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS complies with all Fair Housing requirements, and will not deny any rentals because of race, color, religion, sex, origin, handicap or family status. However,

LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS will not rent to any persons under the age of 25 years of age. All reservations must be made by a responsible party, 25 years of age or older, who must occupy the property during the reservation time. Any additional guests occupying the property must be 25 years of age or older or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS reserves the right to ID and evict any and all guests that are not in compliance with this regulation. The responsible party will be responsible for all charges, including lockout fees, damages caused to unit, buildings, pool/hot tub or etc.


Some of our units have been made subject to a cleaning fee. They are as follows: Condo fee is $125.00, Cabin House/Mobile $60.00. These fees are listed in ALL correspondance for confirmation that is emailed out to the guest. If you book online it will be added to your room charge, as it does not include it in the price when you make your reservation online.



Guests are responsible for their own proper conduct and that of all guests, including the responsibility for understanding and observing all policies and rules.


Safety and security is the sole responsibility of the Guest. Owner(s) or its agent assume no responsibility or liability for the safety or security of the guests, or for injury caused by the criminal acts of other persons. If a disturbance should arise during your stay, contact the Val Verde Sherriffs Office at 830-774-7513. Guests should ensure that all doors and windows are locked at all times, and Guest must immediately notify LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS 830-719-3690 if any locks become inoperative. Guest should turn off all appliances when leaving the premises. Guest shall not store any combustibles on premises.

Nudity, profanity, and excessive noise will result in eviction without refund.

Only registered guests can occupy the units. Please notify LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS of any other guests. LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS reserves the right to inspect the number of guest in your party.


We are not responsible for any loss of money, jewelry, valuables of any kind or any damage incurred to guest’s motor vehicles or their contents. LAKE AMISTAD RENTALS will hold left-behind items for two weeks. After two weeks, left-behind items will be donated to charity. Any items to be returned will be at the guest’s expense, via mail.


The Guest acknowledges receipt of the services and charges hereon and agrees to pay for it on demand in Val Verde County, Texas. These properties are privately owned and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

***Please be advised that the property you are renting contains inherently dangerous natural conditions associated with the location. By signing this document, you understand and freely agree that you are responsible to inform your entire party and guest that the owner, leasing agents, and their agents accept no responsibility for any accident, injury, or death that occurs on the premises. Please take extra precautions to protect the safety of your party and children while on the premises.***